Can't ever keep from falling apart at the seams

Still home alone and doing absolutely nothing. It's a skill I master. Thinking about making a snack for myself sometime soon and watch Doctor Who. Ate lunch at a restaurant with my grandmother today, so I won't be cooking anything tonight.

This weather (cold and snowy) is making me slightly depressed. Like really. I feel real low and don't want to do anything that means that I have to move from sitting/lying down position. I deeply wish for spring to come soon.

Bought an alarm clock today. Interesting, I know. My mobile phone's alarm sucks and shuts itself of during the night (or maybe I'm shutting it of in my sleep, I'm not sure). Either way I needed something that I can rely on to wake me, since I almost overslept two days in a row now, and I really don't want that to happen when I'm working.

Recieved a ring I ordered from Asos today as well (the one I'm wearing in the pictures. I'll take a better picture of it someday soon, it's too dark now.

Here's a song for you that really suits my mood right now. Duran Duran - Come Undone. Thinking about changing the name of my upcoming project and name it after this song instead.


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