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Today I have been to taekwondo practice. Afterwards, when I went to the store across the road I decided to be a bit spontanious and bought a black t-shirt from which I made this top. I have been wanting a cross-top for ages and I've seen a few but they're always way more expensive than their worth. Ao I thought I'd make one instead. In all it cost me about £4. I'm actually impressed by myself, because the fit turned out almost perfect. Both the length and it has a very low cut back and it's going to look awesome when summer comes and I don't need to wear like five shirts above it not to freeze to death.

And yeah, as you can see I dyed my tips. I used Dircetions Plum, and there are highlights in Stargazer's Magenta as well (though you can't see that in this pic). Due to poor lighting it doesn't translate very well to picture, but you get what it's all about.

Soon I'll be changing into my purple/grey lace dress and am off to meet Kajsa for some last minute shopping before we leave for dinner at Spoke's. I'm super excited 'cause Jeanette is going to be there as well and I haven't seen her in three or four months now!


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wooow, vad snyggt! både håret & toppen! :*

hur gjorde du korset? är det målat eller ditsytt?

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