From Death Of A Saleswoman.

Today my family left for Italy. So I got the house by myself for a week. I usually keep to my room when they're home, but I'm moving downstairs now. Have some massive cleaning to do. Having guests over on monday and I'm cooking, hoping I won't end up poisoning them (hope they're not reading this, because they won't dare coming here if they do).

Anyway, I just came home from having been shopping. Groceries, though, as much as I wish it was clothes. I like grocery-shopping by myself, and I like being home alone, most of the time. Spontaniously bought chicken wings for dinner, which is nice.

Cut off and bleached a pair of old jeans yesterday, in order to make myself a pair of American flag shorts, since I seem to be unable to get hold of it to a reasonable price any other way. Painted on them this morning and I must say that I am very pleased. They fit very well. I think I have another pair of the extact same jeans somewhere (they're from when my sister and me were the same size and we got one pair each), and I think I'm going to make a pair of regular shorts of them, bleaching them as well (because the original blue colour is ugly). Stonewash them even, if I feel like it later. I'll show you a picture of my amercan ones later!


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