Haters gonna hate

I have to say that Internet shopping is the worst thing that ever happened to my wallet. Seems as if I'm always waiting for a package. Right now it's purple hair dye, a frame for a photo assignment, two pairs of sunglasses (because I thought I didn't have enough, obviously) and a fake fringe. Good work. And I haven't even bought a birthday present for my sister who turns thirteen on Valentines Day...

Anyway, someday next week I plan to drag my ass to the tattoist who did my mothers to talk to her about me finally getting one of my own. I know what I want now and it just feels so right that I can't stand not having it on my body. I have drawn it, but I won't show you 'til I've done it, I don't want anyone stealing it and do it before me, lol. Some of you probably already know what it is anyway though.

Love that my tumblr went bananas when I posted my Gaga-shirts yesterday. Over 2000 notes now. It's pretty much for someone who only had 28 followers at the time (have more now). Funny how people keep writing stuff about which ones they have and want and asking were they can get them, but of all 2000 notes, I personally, the OWNER of the shirts, have been asked three times... I mean since I'm the one who actually bought them, I should know where to get them..? And quite funny how someone wrote that they had all of them, which is quite impossible, since the black tank top is DIY.

This was a long post. And I'm not done yet. I am also going to tell you that I have shin splints in my right leg and it hurts like shit at the moment. Tomorrow me and Cicci are presenting our modernism-photos (which are kick-ass) and then I can post them here for you to see. Thursday is D-day and I'm very excited, especially after talking to one of the ones involved for over fifteen minutes on the phone today (which did feel fairly strange)!

Now I should probably eat something, haven't had a decent meal yet today (YOU'VE BEEN A VERY BAD GIRL. A VERY VERY BAD GIRL, MALIN).

And that's it for today my friends!


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