Hey, guess what...!?

... I am a really really huge Lady Gaga fan!

I've got:

Her CD's, of course (obviuous)
5 t-shirts (forgot one on the picture)
4 tank tops
1 jacket
3 pairs of sunglasses that she also has.
1 huge poster
2 books
1 tote bag
1 pair of Heartbeats headphones
1 of those lamp-things you buy at the concert that changes colour and stuff

2 saved concert tickets
3 drawings on my wall
1 telephone on my wall that doesn't even work
1 Lady Gaga Barbie doll
Shitloads of photos, both my own and by others
and another shotloads of clothes, ispired by her style.

And there's probably more that doesn't come to mind right now. And the funny thing is that now that I listed all this shit, it makes a quite long one, but I don't think this is much at all...


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Postat av: Anonym

where did you get these?!?!?!

2011-02-07 @ 17:14:54
Postat av: vicky val

oh my god, so beautiful :') I have the Grey Haus of Gaga one as well as a bad romance one :D Now where did you get the bottom right one? that's my favourite picture of gaga, i actually did a pop art rendition of it for my visual arts final project.


2011-02-07 @ 22:33:49 URL: http://smoking-poetry.tumblr.com
Postat av: Gennie

Where can I get the Lady Gaga shirts?

2011-02-07 @ 23:16:47
Postat av: Anna 1


2012-03-14 @ 15:12:12

Remember me?

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