Life update

Life is slow. I don't do much, just sit around watching Doctor Who (I'm on series two now). Waiting on getting started on my great school project of this term, but I'm not entierly sure how I'm going to do with it. I wanna do self portraits, as I always do, but I don't want my teachers to think that I can't take pictures of other people, because I can. It just feels so impersonal and easy. And limiting. And I'm super picky with models, I only want to use people that suits my style, and not just anyone. I'd also like te model to be someone who understands my art and knows what I want, which limits my options even further. If I can't get the result I want, then I don't want to do it, it's as simple as that.

Payday yesterday, so I and Cicci went shopping (well, it was mainly me who shopped). As we walked past a shop, Cicci would say: "Shall we go in?" and I'm like "Okay". And then when we left the shop I was the one who bought something (this happened in pretty much every shop). So I got myself a jumpsuit (FINALLY), a pair of jeans (which are now shorts), underwear and socks (got the socks fro free, and they were super cute, with lace and all!), and a new pair of heels. The heels are a bit to small, but I'm having them stretched as I'm writing this.

My rainbow highlights has faded a bit and as they were pretty light to start with, I think I'm going to redo it, either today or tomorrow and make it darker.

I know the updating is a bit low here atm, but it's because I only post my own stuff here and as I don't do much, you do the math. Spend most of my time on tumblr nowadays, trying to find insp
iration. If you have tumblr, you should write to me there/follow me. I'd love to get more tumblr-friends, as the people on there are genereally very nice!

Now, I'd really like some fries. Gonna have to check the freezer for that. Then back to Doctor Who (who I am in love with, btw).


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