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Remember I told you about ordering sunglasses from 80's purple? This was on Thursday last week. The website said it would take 7-14 workdays to deliever them. I got them today. That's four workdays. Talk about fast delivery. I do look slightly retarded in the second pair though, but I love them so so much! So now I'm officially an owner of all the three different kinds of shades Lady Gaga wears in Paparazzi! Yeah, well obviously mine are copies, but still!

And the bag from New Look. My black baby ♥ (I realise it looks brown in this pic, but it's not). Going to live and die with this and the other one!

And above this, my lovely coach (and friend) gave me, totally out of the blue, an eyeshadow palette from H&M with 36 colours! No wonder this feels like a birthday! So if you read this Lie, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Might even have to try it out tonight, doing some fancy makeup and have a photosession. Maybe...


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