One of mine and Cicci's pictures from our take on Postmodernism.

I'm sorry about my lack of update lately, especially yesterday. Right now I'm just feeling so uninsprired and tired. Mostly because of the weather. It so cold and I'm relatively cold blooded, so I'm about freezing to death here. I've got two knitted sweaters on and I'm still shivering. So until I get my body heat up, you'll have to deal with poor updating and old photos.

I am very un-motivated to do anything photographing right now, and I'm feeling sort of drained, which is very frustrating. Everything I do for school feels so forced. Tough hopefully soon we will be starting on our own projects, and being the rebellion I am (lol), I'm going with another "slap-in-the-face" theme, this time by doing a book/series solely about myself (but with a twist of course). At the moment it's called "Everything That I Am". I've got the idea from the project were doing in school, called Family Frames, when we talk a lot about photo therapy. So this book/series (I haven't decided how to present it yet), will be mostly for my own sake, to come to peace with me and everything and everyone around me.

I noticed that my statistics have gone up slightly over the past few days! Don't know if this is just random people accidently clicking themselves in here, or if I've got some new readers. Either way: Hi on you!

Now I'll be doing some reading, writing and resting. Cheerio!


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