This is what happens when you have a fashion-like photoshoot coming up and only a few hours to make/put together the outfits. Photo studio at my old school booked tomorrow for the photographing of mine and Cicci's interpretation of Modernism. We're doing sort of a Avantgarde+Art Nouveau+Formalism-theme with lots of crazyness going on.

Skipped taekwondo parctice today to get a long needed sleep-in. Going to bed early tonight as well. Work all weekend and I need my sleep. I just want this week to be over. Fun things planned for nex week!

And it seems as if my ability to write poetry has finally returned. I have had a about six months long dip that I've tried so hard to get out of and it seems as I finally am. Probably cursed it now though, writing about it. Anyway it's sort of a relief.


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