I love sunglasses. There's no better accessory. This is my collection at the current time. I have broken/destroyed quite a few since last season (four pairs I think). I tend to by lots of less expensive ones so that I can switch a lot. And either way, sunglasses are what sunglasses are. They easily crack. I keep my standard pair (the ones that I always have with me) in a box now to keep them safe. The pair on the second picture is my lastest purchase from 80's Purple, and my absolute favourites right now. I'm waiting for another round pair to be delivered as well, in John Lennon style, but bigger.


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Postat av: Shaakira

Hey :)

Could pleeeeease please tell me what's the name of the purple and black sunglasses in the second picture, i absolutely adore them

2011-05-02 @ 19:25:10

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