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So, as you all probably heard by now Lady Gaga released her new single yesterday, breaking itunes records by it being nr 1 in 23 countries within 24 hours. Since my blog seem to be partly about Lady Gaga, I thought I'd write my thoughs on it.

I should probably start by saying that I LOVE IT. I was dancing to it yesterday along with my best friend yesterday (who don't even like Gaga normally) in her kitchen, so crazily that I can hardly move my neck today from all the headbanging. It has the best dance beat ever, and I for one truly appreciate that. Not sure I even need to comment on the lyrics, of course I think it's genious. It's such cheap rhymes and easy wordings, but yet somehow she makes it work so increadibly well, in combination with her fantastic voice and the melody. It's unbelieveably catchy and I will never be able to stop singing it.

I thought it would be darker and not so much pop. But I think it's wonderful that it is. It speaks to the masses and the masses needs the message that it contains. And I love that in the beginning of it she says: "Just put your paws up, because you were born this way, baby". It's a direct message to her little monsters only, making it a little more for us than anyone else.

It has been on repeat in my room all day, over and over. I just want to dance whenever the chours comes on (unfortunatly I can't, due to doing just that the other night). I can hardly wait for the video and the choreography. Maybe this time I will even learn the whole thing, just so I really can dance to it!


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I love the song!

Your blog is amazing, keep it up :)

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