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I have written I few times before that I have a new project going on. To be honest I've got two. And I thought it was about time I told you about them.

With the first project I'm choosing between two names: Tighter Than Plastic or Girls On Film. Tighter Than Plastic was the original idea, since the project revolves around fashion photography inspired portraits and the use of cling film. But lately I feel that Girls On Film suits better, since there will be a different girl in every picture (there will be a total of ten or more pictures) and it takes away a bit of the assumption that there is a deeper meaning to the use of cling film, when the only real reason is that I want an uniformity and a plainness in my portrait mixed with a grotesqueness that I like to believe has been something repetitive in my past projects. So it will probably be Girls On Film (after the Duran Duran song, of course). But I don’t know yet.
As said, it will be portraits of different girls, hopefully with a variety of ages and looks, plain backgrounds and cling film in different ways. My inspiration is Vee Speers The Birthday Party (google it, it’s really cool).

The second project am I doing with my old secondary school teacher Spoke (yes, that is his name). It is a calendar, based on a year in the life of our fictional character Maria. So there will be a total of 365 pictures. It’s going to take ages to get it done, but hopefully it will be very fun. For those who wonder what Spoke will be doing with the project, as I am making the pictures, he will be doing pretty much everything apart from that.

The reason I’m doing Tighter Than Plastic/Girls On Film first is because I have to get it out of my head in order to be able to move forward with the calendar. There’s just so much cling film in there that I can’t see anything else. But I’ve got pretty much all ideas for it worked out so I will be getting on with it now. So wish me luck and I will keep you updated!


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