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I was going to reply to this yesterday, but I fell asleep after work and then I forgot.

I suppose it depends on what you mean by edited. Since I made the poster in photoshop it is indeed edited, and the picture from the post in it's whole is edited, but I have not done anything special to just the poster in the photo.

This is the picture I printed, and this is what it looks like in reality:

And no, I did not make it up myself. I saw someone who had one, but didn't know how to get hold of it myself. So made one in ps and had it printed in A3.

And all the baby frogs in our garden is gone now!


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Postat av: Moe

It's nothing for the fact that you fell asleep. :)

Maybe it's because of the fact that it have been made on computer that the poster looks unreal. On your second pharagraph it seems that your read on my mind. lol

Good for the baby frogs. (I know you ate them all like in france)

2011-07-08 @ 13:13:14

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