I bought a couch today. Not sure it's gonna stand where it's standing now because I'm probably going to need to redecorate this room again soon. I also bought some other thing that is necessary for me living alone. Like spoons and saucepans. I got practically everything I might need to hold my own now. Apart from enough food at the moment. But I'm getting that tomorrow after work. I haven't even got toast. What's a kitchen without toast?

Otherwise I'm very much enjoying my haircolour and making plans on going to bed early. Back to work tomorrow after the weekend off. But next week I'm free for three days! Yay.

Good night, xx.


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Postat av: Moe

Congratuation for your couch. At our hut (you probably saw a picture of me in the hut) we got the same couch but FOR FREE! lol You just got spoons? How were you eating your food before? With your hands? or like me you eat yogurts and cereal with a fork? lol

2011-07-03 @ 23:44:31

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