So I got a bureau yesterday. Naturally, I was originally supposed to buy it at the same time as I bought the couch, but it was out of stock. Only to get back in the following day, of course. It's the kind of bureau that has a mirror on it. The very much girliest side of me have always dreamed of one like this.

I've printed some stuff that I've put up around it. The general idea is that the right side is Britain appreciation with "Keep Calm And Carry On", Ashes To Ashes and Doctor Who prints, and the left side is just various pictures I like.

Work again tomorrow so I'm going to bed soon. If there's still people who wonder why I go to bed so early because of work, it's because I start at 7.00 am. My buss leaves just after six. So at the latest I have to wake up 5.30... Then I finish at 14.30.

And a short reply to Moe:

I did have spoons already, but I use teaspoons for almost everything and I only had six of them, so they're always all dirty. Since I'm to lazy to do the dishes as often as I should I bought some more, so I don't have to be bothered with it.


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Postat av: Moe

I have a question. You see the picture where there is your "keep calm and carry on" poster, did you edit it? Because the poster seems unreal.

You are so logical. You are over clean spoons so you buy new ones. I would do the same. lol

What about the baby frogs on your garden?

2011-07-05 @ 23:05:21

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