Why did you roll your dice?

Went for sort of a vintage outfit today. Second hand jacket, necklace and bag (bag not in the picture, obviously). Blouse was bought on an auctioning site few years ago.

I just did something a bit stupid. I agreed to go to Gran Canaria with my grandma this winter, but she doesn't know about my tattoo on the arm. And I can't wear long sleaves every minute for two weeks, can I? Not on the Canary Islands. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bothered about people seeing my tattoo in any way. Actually I like showing it off. Apart for when my grandma's around. She doesn't really approve of tattoos and we're really close and I don't want to disapoint her. She has already seen the one in my neck and I think she knows it's not my only one... I guess I'm just going to have to break the "news" gently and promise that I won't do any more before she dies (that she knows of anyway).

Anyway, she bought me lunch today, we went for a walk and then went to her place and watched some TV. Or rather, I tried to watch, while she nagged about the social democrats stealing her money in the 90's and people who owned three dogs
(bless her). She's a really lovely and strong woman though, who deserves all the happiness and well being that she can get.


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