He can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart

Teaser numero 2. I originally intended for this to be a "oneshot", but the picture from yesterday turned out so good and so much like the pictures from untitled so I just can't help myself. This is going to be untitled II. It's a little darker, a slightly different theme and less pictures. Going to tell you more about the theme when I've done more pictures.

Am a bit annoyed about the one I just did. I mean it's lovely, really. But there's just no shadows in the face. I wouldn't have minded that much if it weren't for the amazing shadowing on yesterday's picture. That one is much much better than today's. They just don't go alongside each other because today's look so flat opposed to yesterday's. Going to work on it some more now to see what I can do...

Update: Ignore my shadow rant above, I managed to fake it.


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But OMG you have dreadlocks!!!

2011-06-27 @ 01:48:27

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