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Got this fabulous leatherjacket on the mail today. I won it on an auctioning site a while back. I've been looking for one like this for ages. I wanted a male model and it's such hard work to find in small sizes that are second hand. They're always L or XL or XXXXXXXXXXL or something. But anyway, I got this now, it's XS, and I love it. To warm to wear now though, but in the winter I'll live in it. 600 SEK i payed for it, shipping included. It was my "end-of-school-year-gift" to myself.

Underneath is a jumpsuit from H&M that I'm currently living in. And my fake-McQueen scarf is on my head because my hair is greasy and I'm ashamed to even look at myself when it's like that. Going to wash it tonight so don't worry... (l'information très intéressante, I know). So I'm a pirate for the time being.

Something else très très intéressante is that I'm not sure if I'm going to spend the evening reading or watching Torchwood. Only three episodes left of TW and nothing to read, really, but I really feel like it. Musings of a madwoman, I suppose. Bye.


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Postat av: Moe

The "l'information très intéressante, I know" killed me. lol

You were cool but since you use french on your blog you're much cooler. :P Next goal: write a whole article in french.

You are badass with this jacket, you just need to do not take a shower during one week, wear a very dirty jean and then you would be very badass!

I also already told you but your face change at each of your post. But i noticed that those new looks or faces fit you all, it's also that being a cameleon, it's not just changing his face or his look easily, but also looking good in those new looks or face. It's just awesome, weird (in a good way. :) ) and awesome (bis). I must start to call you the cameleon.

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