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Title is because I know Moe likes it when I write in French! Unfortunatly the whole post won't be in it... This was just because I have no pictures today, but I wanted to update anyway. Et vous savez combien j'aime mes listes!

Name: Malin.
Piercings: Not apart from my ears, but that doesn't really count.
Tattoos: Two. Born This Way heart on my arm and Deathly Hallows triangle in my neck.
Length: 159 cm.
Shoe size: 36 or 37 depending on the shoe's model...
Hair colour: Red, sort of.
Freckles: No, I don't think so.
Motto: "Success is the best revenge", among other things.
In love? No.
Do you wish you lived somewhere else? Yes.
Do you consider yourself good-looking? Ah, this again. Yes, as a atter of fact, I do.
What shampoo do you use? Whatever my mum bought when she was shopping. But if I could choose I like L'oreal Elvive Colour Protect.
What are you afraid of? To not have accomplished something in life. And to always be alone.
Do you like roller-coasters? I do, but not of they have loops.

Movie you rented? I generally don't watch movies, so I don't rent them either.
Movie you bought? Still don't watch movies, but the last DVD I bought was Ashes To Ashes series 3.
Song you heard? Black Jesus+Amen Fashion by Lady Gaga.
Song you downloaded? Can't remember.
Person you called? My grandmother.
Person who called you? My grandmother, haha.
TV-program you watched? Spooks.

Song: Right now: Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga.
Thing to do: Take a really good picture, watch a really good TV-show and sleep.
Sport: Have to be taekwondo then. Don't really like sports, though.
Clothes: I have a soft spot for white lace dresses. And shoes in general. Very bad for my wallet.
Movie: Sucker Punch, The Martix trilogy, Inception.
Car: Red Audi Quattro (if you know your Ashes, you know why).
TV-show: Ashes To Ashes and Doctor Who.

Have you ever…
Cried over a boy? No.
Cried over a girl? Yes.
Lied to anyone? Must have done. Can't really think of a time though, to be honest.
Been in a fist fight? With my sister, yes.
Been arrested? No.
Met someone from the Internet IRL? Yes.

Book you read? I read a very long fanfiction a while ago if that counts.
Person who e-mailed you? Apart from newletters, the girl who I bought my leatherjacket from.
Person who sent you a letter? My boss, lol. I think he likes sending letters.
Person who sent you a text message? My dad.
Time you had dinner with your whole family? My WHOLE family... must have been friday or saturday. Always someone who's away...
Thing you bought? Milk, orange juice and chips.
Person you thought of? Keeley Hawes, because I'm watcing Spooks and the only reason why is because she's in it...


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