Pretty In Pink was on TV last night and has left me very happy about my very orange hair. To bad I've got very little light pink clothes to (miss-)match it with. Can't even understand how I can NOT have light pink clothes? Probably because when I was blonde preferably I only dressed in dark colours... Anyway, the film also left me with a need to wear hats. Got my mum's old brown one today. Haven't worn it in ages (two blogs ago!). Before I cut my hair "short" and when I still had my fringe... God, looking at those old picture's it feels so unreal that I once looked like that... Seems like I'm going back to that though, since I'm using a lot of the stuff I got then, now. I'm so nostalgic lately (if you can be nostaligic about something that was only one-two years ago...). But I am most certainly not going blonde with fringe again anytime soon. More likely to go darker, if anything.

And I'm gaving serious tattoo-cravings.

Going to a family dinner (or barbeque if you like) in a while. I wonder if it's going to be cold tonight. If I should wear a jacket or just a shirt. Or both... It's kinda cloudy. And I'm very easily cold (poor blood circulation). Ah well, I'll see what the other's are wearing and then I'll take that, times five...


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