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I am really sorry about the lack of update for the past couple of days. But you know how it is. Sometimes there's just really nothing to tell. My life has just been sleeping, eating, cleaning and wishing I could go abroad. I start work on tuesday next week, so I won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Been practising straight on, almost close-up self portraits. I've got a shoot in mind that I really want for it to turn out amazing, but it will be a portrait like this, and close-ups is not my strongest suit. This is one of maybe 10 to 15 shots, and it was the only one I felt worth bothering with. Usually I have about 30-40%, that I rate as workable in Adobe Bridge (workable means that it gets a random amount of stars, so it shows when I filter the unrated ones out). But then again, portraits like this is very fun to edit, because there's good quality in the details, which gives you more options in how to work it. Smoothing skin, colour roots and other beauty-editing is also much easier.

Probably going to do some more practising before I dare putting my skills to the test. Need to prepare the outfit as well, when I find the time. Hopefully someday soon. It'd be nice to have it done before I start work. Probably going to do something about my roots before as well. Because even though it's easy as pie to "colour" them in photoshop, I always rather not. The less beauty-editing I have to do, the better I feel about myself... Though I don't actually do as much as some people like to think, most of the time.


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