I had a minor makeover today. Firstly I re-dyed my hair. I do that all the time though, because the red colour is only semi-permanent and I can't find a permanent that is the right shade. But today I also did a turquoise dip dye (it's Lady Gaga's fault). I would have wanted it lighter, but since I'm not light blonde anymore and I don't want to bleach, this had to do. It's not as much in reality as it looks like on this picture tough.

And then I also coloured my eye-brows. I was sick of them being so light that you could hardly see them. When I, at the dinner table a couple of days ago, said that I didn't know what to do about them, my dad said "but you keep them shaved off completely, right?". I was like "They're not shaved off..." They're like that naturally. And I thought it looked a bit weird now that I have darker hair. So I bought colouring a couple of days ago and tried it today. My family says it makes my eyes look different. I like it, it definitly goes better with the hair.

Red hair colour is Directions Flame on copper blonde base, dip dye is Stargazer Tropical Green mixed with a tiny bit of Stargazer Coral Blue and some conditioner. Lipstick is MAC Cyber and Swimsuit is from H&M.


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Wait, is it you?! :O I already found you very pretty but now it's crazy your face changed completely! :o

2011-06-10 @ 02:51:50

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