Where I live: Exterior

Now, I know it's rather confusing for people who have never been to my house to understand when I try to explain how I live and to where I have moved. So here's a little two or three part guide to what it looks like. To start I should say that even tough I usually say I live in Malmö, I don't. I live just outside in a sort of village. It takes fifteen/twenty minutes to get from here to central Malmö by car and between 35 (if you've planned well and are lucky) and 60 minutes by bus, depending on where you're going (but only because the bus route that goes to here sucks and takes insane detours).

This is the house where I have lived for the past eleven/twelve years of my life. I moved here with my family when I was eight. We used to live in a flat in central Malmö.

Same house from inside our garden.

The house where I live now, on the top floor. It's on the other side of the garden. Belongs to my parents and it used to be sort of a shop.

My house viewed from the street. I never use that door. On the top floor is my kitchen window.


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Ah now i understand better. And both are very lovely.

2011-06-06 @ 15:39:04

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