Day 15

Who is someone you admire? Why?

I admire a lot of people. Like my mum and my grandma. And I admire Lady Gaga and Keeley Hawes. I admire the Doctor from Doctor Who. I was thinking about writing about Gaga for this but I always write about her, so I won't. I'm actually far to tired to write about anyone. But I had this screencap of Keeley Hawes lying about so I'll go with that. I admire her because I think she's an amazingly talented actress. She's been quite huge in Britain since she starred in Ashes To Ashes, but she seems very kind and down to earth (I've heard so from people who met her). I think she has the most lovely accent and is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could dress her and photographer her (I just love everything abou her face. Cheekboneeees ). My dream is to see her in as a companion in Doctor Who. It would be like dying and go to fangirl heaven.


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