Day 19

What is your favorite film or TV-show? Why is it so important to you?

My favourite show is Ashes To Ashes as I'm sure most of you are well aware of. Some of you might think it's Doctor Who though but that comes in as a close second. The reason I'm obsessing more over DW now is because it's still running. The last episode of Ashes had it's one year anniversary just a short while ago.

Not sure how much I've told you about Ashes before. Not gonna tell you what it's about, so google it of you don't know. Or even better: watch it! Anyway the story of me and Ashes is that when I was in London last year in April, we were just randomly watching TV one night. My mum had stopped on BBC and this show was on. And I was hooked. I didn't really understand what was actually going on in the show, I just knew that this was Ashes To Ashes (Sanna had tried to make me watch it before, but I had ignored her) and it was amazing. Turned out that I've been watching the first episode of the third series as it aired. When I came home I streamed the first two series in less than a week to catch up for when the second ep of series three was released. Since then it's been my absolute favourite and Keeley Hawes became my favourite actress of all. I like her so much that I paid £52 for mine and Cicci's tickets to see her in action at National Theater (money very well spent if you ask me).

So I'm obviously a total nerd and completely obsessed and it pains me that there will never be anymore episodes (they sort of "explained" it all in the end so they can't really continue). So I just have to rewatch all the episodes every now and then (finally got all series on DVD, bought the third when in London!) and watch Keeley Hawes in other stuff and dream of her days as Alex Drake. Good bloody times.

Other shows that I seriously love are Fringe, The X-Files, Twin Peaks and as said Doctor Who. I also really liked Identity with Keeley Hawes and think it could have been something I'd obsess about, but it was cancelled after just six episodes so I'll never know. Gonna rewatch those someday too.

But tonight is saturday which means NEW DOCTOR WHO!


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