Day 22

What subject did/do you exceed in/at school?

In lack of other pictures and willpower to bother taking some. Yesterdays outfit.

I was lucky, because in secondary school I studies something I really loved and I enyojed pretty much everything about school. I had the most fantastic teachers in all of my favourite subjects. This naturally lead to good grades, pretty sure I was top of my class (not 100% sure though, so no promises). My favourite subjects was Swedish, English (to you non-swedes who reads this, English is my secondary language, as yours is french or german or whatever) and everything photography related. Sucked a bit that I didn't have neither Swedish or English my last year. Though I did have a lot lot lot of photography related projects and classes.

I miss secondary school terribly. It's awful when you've got something you really enjoy but there is no way at all that you can continue doing it. University is not nearly as fun. Easier somtimes, but too fuzzy for me most of the time. Far too unclear about what you need to do and what you need to learn. But I'm rooting for it to be better if I get into the program I applied for next term. Maybe it's better when you know that in the end you're getting a degree out of it all.


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