Day 4

If you could chose a time period to be born at, which one would it be and why?

Starship UK from Doctor Who.

I've always had a weakness for the 1800's or the 1500's... Victorian or Elizabethan era. Mostly because of the dresses and the hair. But thinking about it, I would probably rather be born long into the future. Of course that is depending on how the world turns out and where. But in the future I've dreamed up in my head, which is about in 200 000 years, there I would like to be. A place where the moral issues of today are forgotten about and whether someone is black or white, gay or straight is something you don't even consider, since the more imortant question is of they're even human. It'a a very Doctor Who, New New York/Starship UK/Midnight/the Library inspired world. I don't think I would be very happy living in the past. I'm not a 19:th century girl. I think me and my beliefs would come more to its right in the future. And in my future you can wear fishnet stockings without people thinking you're a prostitute.


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