I'm on the edge of glory

I love being red haired. I've felt a bit wrong with blonde for the past few months. It didn't feel like me anymore. But this does. I'm supposed to be ginger! And I would be lying if I said that my new hairstyle wasn't inspired by Karen Gillan (google her).

As you may notice everything is back to normal with my blog. All posts are back were they're supposed to be. And you can also share it on tumblr now, with the button in the side menu.

Today has been very productive. I've been to IKEA to look at furniture and buy curtains, work to meet my boss and give him some papers concerning my employment for the summer, school to cut the final prints of my project, the library to borrow a book for my project report and finally I went to buy wall paint for my future kitchen. As soon as it's painted I can move. Pretty much. And hopefully I can paint tomorrow.

My sister wanted me to mention her in this post so here you go. Sara, you are a retard, but I love you nevertheless.

And I AM IN LOVE with The Edge Of Glory. It's been a while since I've had this complete love-moment with a song right from the first seconds. Usually it takes a few listens to take it in, but this one is just lovely. I am secretly a sucker for these pop-kinda-anthems, which is why I love Gaga in the first place. She mixes and makes songs with all the kinds of music I like.


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Postat av: Moe

I bet your sister didn't expect that from you. No nevermind, she surely does. :P Wait, you will live alone? BAD ASS! I have an idea paint your walls with BLOOOOOD! Oh and i also like your read hair better than the blong hair ^^.

2011-05-10 @ 02:17:47

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