It's not fake, it's just surreal

I found this when I was uploading the picture for my 30 day challenge entry yesterday and realised I never posted it. Sometimes I just think she's sooooo pretty. Next time she tours in Europe, me and Cicci are talking about going to see her in London (and of course I'll see her in Sweden as well). I was severely upset when I read that she was performing new songs in a club in London last night. If it had been one week ago I could have been there. I WOULD have been there. But well, just my luck I guess. Probably won't be long until she tours again anyway. With the album coming in ten days and all. Looking forward to the release of Hair next week. From what I've heard about it it could be really good. And I'm looking forward to the album so much that I'm aching at times.

I haven't written about my thoughts on the Judas video yet, since I was away when it was released (we watched it without sound on an internet café, haha). Not the actual song either, coming to think of it. I'll do that soon. With screencaps and all.


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