London Day 2

And we never ate a single waffle!

I got so excited when we got to Millenium Bridge that I forgot that we were going to the Globe as well...


And we didn't eat fish&chips one single time!

Since we were going to the theater at 14.15, we spent most of the second day running about like crazy on South Bank. We went to all the tourist stuff that's out there, and Tate Modern (though we never actually went in, since we had no time). And then we had been tricked by the website from where I got directions to the National Theater. It had given us two different maps to "The National" and to Lyttleton, which was really in the same building (so it was two differet ways to get to the same place). So for a while we were very confused and were almost late for the play.

And about Rocket To The Moon. It was AMAZING. I had been afraid that it would be boring, since it's not the kind of play I usually like, but it was lovely. It had a very good dialogue that was performed by fantastic actors (Keeley Hawes, especially!). But what I loved the most was the scenery! It was the most gorgeous stage I have ever seen so far in my life, and I've been to quite a few plays by now. Cicci was sneaky and took a picture, if it's any good I'll post it when she sends it to me. And Keeley dresses were also gorgeous. But as they were probably made for her and she really has a body that can pull of a late 30's dress, that's not really surprising. There was a blue one in particular, that when they argued in the play I stopped listening and was just like "That is one amazing dress... *drooling*". I didn't get to meet Keeley afterwards, but it didn't really matter, because just to have seen the play was totally worth it in itself. And she was amazing in it!

I'll post pictures from day 3 when we where in Camden all day later tonight tomorrow. And there will be a little surprise in that post! (some already know, though.)


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