London Day 3 part 1 (Camden)

There's a lot of horses everywhere in London, not only in Camden. We like the horses!

Dreamy. And I who need a huge mirror... The pain in not being able to take one home with me...

I think the woman in the background of this and teh previous picture is the same!


I have so many pictures from this day so I decided to split the post into two. Camden and after Camden. Not nearly as many from afterwards tough, but it was the natural place to devide it.

We arrived at Camden sometime between 10.00 and 11.00 and left about 19.00. So we were there for about seven hours. Found a lot of things I had been looking for and died a little over the giantic mirrors and the Union Jack couch.

And the tattoos we got in our necks are real. And on contrary to popular belief it was not as spontanious as one may think. We had both been thinking about it for ages and said that we'd do it, if opportunity was given, weeks ago. For you who don't know it's the sign of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter. We both love Harry Potter and grew up with those books. And it didn't hurt at all. We thought that the neck would be awful, but it hurt even less than the one I have on my arm. The guy who did it (and all of the others who worked there as well) was really sweet. And we got the best quote ever from the body piercer when Cicci asked him which piercing hurt the most.

"This, this is nothing. Piercings, tattoos is shit. This is real pain [hand on heart]."


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Jag gillar tatueringarna! Har också funderat på den symbolen lite.

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