This is the glorious chair on which I spend most hours of the day (and night). It's in my living room, which is yet to be actually made into a living room. I have no furniture apart from the desk I keep my computer on, a hanger for my jackets, a shelf for some of my shoes and a book shelf. The racks on which or newly washed clothes dry are still up here in lack of other places to put them. When we've cleared out downstairs and we can keep them there I'll be getting a couch and possibly a TV. Anyway I'm getting quite comfy here. It's nice to be on your own and get your own food and stuff.

Why is it that I only have good hair days when I'm not doing anything, or I ever only get a hairstyle right just before I go to bed? I have twirled my hair and teased it into dread-like things, and I think it looks kinda good (it makes a very nice volume), which is why I doubt I will never be able to make it like this again. Used the last of my Directions Flame to colour by the roots. So it's even more of a fade now, but at least the roots aren't as evident. Found a red hair colour today. It's a bit more "Rihanna-red" than I would have liked, but at least lighter than most others I've found so far. I'll be trying it out soon. Anyone fancy coming by to help me?

Today was quite productive. I went to the bank, grocery-shopping and to a fabric store. Got some really fancy fabrics that I'll be making into stuff, possibly for a photoshoot I've had on my mind for a while. It's going to be fab.


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