We fell in love, but not in court

I've had these pictures on my computer for ages, but haven't had the time to do anything about them. It's all stuff I bought in London. The last picture is the fabric of the EGL-dress I bought in camden. It was the most expensive thing in bought on the entire trip. It's a bit weird, the fabric says "Baby, The Start Shine Bright", but it's not a BTSSB dress... But I love it to bits.

Sooo, it's been a while since I wrote a proper blog post. Okay, maybe not that long. But it feels like ages. Lots have been going on the past few weeks. Since I came home from London I've had my project examination, test in photoshop (a child's play, but still) and I handed in my project report. Next week we're having an opposition on our reports, and then I'm done for this term. It's going to feel great to have it all over with. I'll miss Cicci lots though.

Listening to Born This Way Album right now. And in a couple of days my Deluxe Edition will be here. I love this album so much. My favourite songs so far are Bloody Mary, Electric Chapel, Hair, Sheiß
e, Americano, Marry The Night, Judas, The Edge Of Glory and Born This Way (Lol, that's like more than half of the songs...). And Bloody Mary is something extra special. It gives me goosebumps. I was listening to it on the bus the other day, wishing my name was Mary. But today I realised that my name is actually the shortened nordic version of Mary Magdalene. That's so awesome. My inner fangirl is screaming.

And I plan to have moved properly before Wednesday. Hopefully even before Sunday. I just need to buy a water boiler and some help to move the heavy stuff form my dad. Then I'm all set!


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