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Because I adore the few readers I have and comments make me happy! You deserve some love (and answers to questions, obviously)! I said before but I do these replies to people who don't leave blogs that I can reply on.

You know, I actually thought about that a couple of times, but to be honest, I'm utterly shit with make-up. I hardly use any make-up at all in real life, not even foundation. Somtimes I fill in my eyebrows or wear lipstick but that's about it. When I do make-up for photos I cheat a lot, and it doesn't look half as good in reality as it does on camera. I use shitty products and rely far to much on what I can edit later. If I ever do a good and proper make-up though, I might do a tutorial!

But a tip for you, when I research make-up for photos I almost always look at Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube for inspiration and tips. She is great and very creative with what she does.

And for my jewelry-post! I have actually gotten requests to do more posts like that so, I plan on doing that somtime soon to, whenever I can find the time and daylight for it!

It's not a wig! That is all me! But dear Moe, you probably cursed it now. Last time you told me not to changed my hair I changed it completely. But I'm really not looking to changeing it anytime soon. I've got plans you see, but it needs to grow a bit more first! I really like the dark to, I think it reflects my personality better (cheesy as that may sound) and my natural colouring (you wouldn't know though, since I manipulate the colours on all my photos, more or less. You're just gonna have to trust me on it, haha). And thank you!

Aren't they lovely! I feel so lonely in my obsession, since I'm about twenty years to late with the films and fifty with the show. And I'm feeling even more lonely in my sudden goth-ness, haha. I do appreciate to hear from fellow Addams-obsessers! I watched the two films (from '91 and '93) three times each in five days. Having a break tonight though, since me and my sister were watching Harry Potter atDHpII!

And thank you for saying that you find my posts inspiring! I really like that I can inspire people. That's why internet is so great, isn't it!

Now I'm going to bed, good night my lovelies!


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