It's a very common psychosis, I'm seeing it every day

Sorry, but I'm probably going to spam you with screencaps and gifs from The Addams Family films for a while. I'm watching the first film for the third time since sunday right now, and I've watched the second one two times. They're just sooo good, I love it. Just my type of humor. Bit morbid and dry. Okay, maybe very morbid then. And I think Anjelica Huston is great as Morticia, better than Carolyn Jones, contrary to popular opinion. But maybe I just think that because I generally have a hard time with old films and TV-shows, and the kind of acting in them. STill working my way through the Addams family TV-show though, because I've got nothing better to do when I'm not watching the films in wait of a new Fringe episode.


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