New wig

Maybe I should just stop using my camera for self portraits and just use my webcam, because it obviously always turn out so good. Or not. Got a new very curly blonde wig today. I love wigs, I could always wear them. Shame I don't really enjoy people looking at me like I'm some crazy person. 'Cause they always do when you wear plastic wigs outside.

I bought a pack of cheap toothbrushes the other day because I was going to use them for a make-up-thing. Then I totally forgot about it. Too bad. Well, I'll do it next time. Got loads of ideas right now, just need the time!

You can check out the stuff I'm working on right now here. Though, I think all the pictures have been posted here before.

And a question for you: Do you want me to do fashion and make-up credits for my photoshoots? Because I've been thinking about doing it, but not sure if I should bother if no one cares?


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