Just so you know, if I write a bit strange for a while, or any other time in the future, it's because when I go into extreme fangirl mode I start using my very special fangirl-language. Which really is based on lots of "ehhehehehehe" and stuff in every sentence, capital letters and lack of punctuation. If I ever do it you now know why.

And yes, there is two Annas in this Picture (ignore the man in the middle, he is unimportrant in this ship). That's because it's Olivia (to the left) and Alt-Livia (to the right). Alt-Livia is "wearing a wig" though (not really, but it's just really messed up at this point). I love this episode (4x03, One Night In October) because there's plenty of Olivia/Alt-Livia action and ANNA TORV IS JUST SO PRETTY I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF LOOKING AT HER FACE. Ehhehe.

There is was.

And I was just wondering today in genereal how familiar you folks are with fandom/fangirling terms? Like ship, OTP, UST, MSR, O2 (okay, so O2 is brand new so I don't expect anyone to know what it means, it has just been on my mind all day)? It's just that I think in these terms and have noticed that I can't really use them in conversation most of the time because people around me have no idea what I'm talking about. So I'm a bit curious about what YOU know?


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