Sewing and small knives

I contemplated wearing my favourite white lace dress today, but I just couldn't bring myself to wear an outfit that wasn't black. I don't know what's with me, apart from watching too much the Addams Family. Anyway, I ended up sewing pearls onto this blouse and wore it along with one of my long black tank tops and my see-trough maxi skirt. It probably looked like I was going to a funeral. And I ended up missing my buss because I sewed on the pearls...

And the cross I'm wearing I carved myself. It's slightly uneven (not as much as it looks like in this picture though). I tend to cut in things when I'm bored or watching TV-shows with my small knives, and my desk is already so carved in that I decided to bring up some small pieces of wood to carve in instead.

There you go, some tremendously interesting insights into life as me. I know I'm weird.


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