That's why everything's gotta be love or death

It's all black and lace at the moment. If I could I'd braid my hair like Wednesday, and I'd wear dresses in black velvet if I had any. Every now and then people tell me I change style every week. Guess I do a bit. I wear what I feel like wearing. It usually reflects what kind of music I'm listening to at the moment, or which TV-show. The Addams Family at the moment (naturally), mixed with I Blame Coco and White Lies.

Gonna watch some more of the TV-series, then I'm starting in Addams Family Values for the third time. Wonder how many it'll take until I'm bored with them..?


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Postat av: Moe

Ow Please tell me it's not a wig this time. Please don't change your style hair style make-up. I don't allow you. You're gorgeous. This dark style is awesome on you. Don't even change your hair, really, don't.

2011-11-18 @ 00:52:59

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