Crosses, cuts and inconvenience

It took me great mind power and mental preparation to put on this outfit. The cross necklace is one of those I carved myself to save my desk. Unfortunatley it's not saving my desk, and most certainly not my hands. I've got some very not-nice cuts on my fingers. One that won't stop bleeding unless it's covered. And it's right in the bend of my index finger, so it's not very convenient. But don't worry about me, I'm wearing gloves now.

Funny thing: me and Moe were talking about wood carving on twitter and shortly after a wood sculptor started following us both. The world of today ♥

Got lots of screencaps of Morticia from the TV-show on my computer, so a Carolyn Jones/Morticia Addams appreciation post is coming up.

Sanna asked me today if I'd rather be Lady Gaga or Morticia, and who I would save from falling of a cliff. I said I'd be Morticia, but save Lady Gaga. "Right", Sanna said. "'Cause Morticia likes death anyway." That's true.


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