P-huset Anna

This is the final result of the project me and my group from my class has been working on for the past three weeks. The project was to take a place in Malmö, then make an installation of some sort where you interpret this place. My group chose a parking garage called "P-huset Anna", of which the walls were Swedens first legal graffti walls (legalized in 1983). You're allowed to paint graffiti on two of the four sides of the builing, so we decided to build the corner, having both the side which you're allowed to paint on and the side you are not. We made the painting (which is supposed to be a fingerprint) ourselves and also the two dolls standing in front of it. We had sound from spraycans, and various city sounds as well. It turned out pretty awesome and in my group we work really well together. We got good criticism from our teachers as well!


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