Who needs a significant other when you can have a cat?

Because if you don't know by now how much I love my lists, you don't know me at all:

159 cm.
Hair colour: Dark brown, almost black.
Eye colour: blue.
Freckles: None, but sometimes I wish I had.
Scars: Lots of them. Worst are the ones on my feet from my operations.
Tattoos: Two of them, neck and arm. Gonna make a new one sometime after New Years.
Piercings: Just my ears.
Illness: I'm hardly ever ill.
Broken bones: Quite possibly a broken tail bone at the moment actually. Haven't had it checked out though.
Phobias: According to a test I once did I have severe social fobia. Don't really think it's severe though, more like mild. But I do have it.
Obsessions: Recently I've noticed I have a hard time falling asleep if
I don't read before bed.
Fears: The dark, snakes, flying and falling over. And horror movies.
Bodily partytrick: I can sit cross-legged with my feet in my lap, and then walk on my knees, if that counts?
Best feeling: Front row on Lady Gaga.
Best physical feeling: Back massage. Or lying down in bed after a really long and tiring day.


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