Picture Diary / 21 August / Back in Biz

Sheeeeee's back! I came home last night, and it's real nice to be home again.
I went to town today to catch up with Malvina, and to do some errads. And naturally I ended up doing some shopping. Like the dress in the photo. I had to explain to two people while I was paying for it that I was not getting married, I'm just a sucker for lace dresses. It's second hand and wasn't at all expensive. I saw it the shop months ago and decided that if it was still there after I'd been to Mallorca I was gonna buy it. And it was, so it was a done deal. It helped that it fits like a glove too. Malvina put on a cape and we got married in the dressing room, because that's just how we roll.
Today's outfit-post will be up soon!


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