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Talking about fashion and TV-shows. Because of reasons. And the great thing is my hair. I don't even have any pins of anything in it, it just stayed in place. How is that even possible? I tell you how: products. But I don't really like products in my hair so I don't wanna give them any credit for their hard work on my fabulous hair days.

I apologize to everyone beforehand if you're offeneded by any of the following:
1. My accent. Please keep in mind that English IS NOT my first language.
2. My kinda tacky and not-thought-through outfit.
3. Me kinda being a hipster.
4. Me expressing my negative feelings about certain TV-shows/actresses.
5. Anything else I might say.
And if you indeed are offended, just know that I am sorry, but I quite honestly don't care what you think.
DON'T FORGET TO VOTE WHICH JC BOOTS I SHOULD GET IN THE POLL IN THE SIDE MENU, PRETTY PLEASE. I'm gonna be so upset if you don't vote. Seriously, guys. Here's links to what the shoes look like to help you help me choose. 8th street purple fade and Coltrane black distressed. Now don't be a stranger or whatever and vote, or I'll cry. Really.


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