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Black fluffy coat from eBay.

Jewelry from eBay.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita clear heel from Solestruck.

 Eyebrow kit from WetnWild and lipstick shade Decolette from Sephora.
Basically I had a eBay spree at the end of last month and all the stuff got here almost at the same time, Solestruck had a crazy bananas Black Friday sale and Sephora opened at my mall (btw, people from Malmö, when I say my mall I mean Emporia, obviously). And Malvina got me the eyebrow kit and it's insane how good it is! I REALLY recomend it!
I'm gonna take better photos pf my new Litas at some point to and talk a bit about them. Not as much as I usually do though, because I've already reviewed the Litas once (almost a year ago now, time just flies!). Just some stuff about the model and leather and stuff that's new for this time!


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