Picture Diary / 14 - 18 December / Because of reasons

1. I've had a very emotional week, with very many close-to-tears-moments. One of them was when installing the Sims 3 Supernatural on my laptop wouldn't work. But after some downloading of random patches, one must have been the right one because now it works and the breakdown was avoided. Only problem now is that I don't know which one of the patches that worked, so I have to keep them all...
2. Face. It was this saturday, before I went into town to have quality time with both of my parents. We had dinner at a restaurant and then we saw the Hobbit. I love the Hobbit btw. I wanna marry Martin Freeman.
3. On a scale from 1-10 of good ideas, where 10 is the best idea ever and 1 therefore the worst, wearing these boots yesterday rates about a 5. Maybe 4.
4. My class is as of yesterday showing our exhibition Film Classics at STPLN in Malmö. This is the poster I made for us/it. Pretty neat, huh?
5. My groups part of the exhibition. It's about film maker and choreographer Busby Berkeley. Making those projections work where another one of the reasons behond my near-breakdowns. Actually, they still don't work like they should, thereof the white text that says "SHAPES BETA BY IXAGON" that you can see a part of. We weren't supposed to have to use the beta version, but the finished version just wouldn't do as it was told.
6. Post-finishing-the-exhibition-celebration with my classmates. You probably recognise Hillevi (my evil twin) by now...


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