There's ghosts out in the square tonight, screaming I want my money back

Fashion credits: C&A cape, eBay coat and necklace, vintage white shirt, Monki sweater, Dr Denim jeans, Pimkie boots.
This is what I wore when we were having the vernissage for our exhibition two days ago. I was gonna wear a "suit", but was distracted my the awesomeness of my cape, and forgot the suit jacket. And I would have worn proper heels if I didn't know I'd have run about the the entire six hours before the vernissage to get our part of the exhibition actually working. As you might have read in the previous post, it was only a half success, but not to any fault of mine or my group members.
On December 22:nd, I'm leaving for a weeks vacation in Sälen, with my family. As far as I know, I won't have any internet, except for on my phone. So I probably won't be blogging unless there's free wi-fi, but I'll be on instagram (monsteryouth). And facebook, texting, and all that (for my irl friends) . Just so you know.


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Your outfit is freaking perfect!

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