Sorry for not updating, but it's been a bit much the past few days, with coming home, no internet, a huge test coming up and a paper that was due the day before the test. But now it's all done with, just a seminar for the paper left now. Then it's time for a new term.

I got an iPhone two days ago. My mum said I was really the one in the family that should have had an iphone the most, since I'm the only one using apple in other stuff. And now I finally got one. I don't know how I managed life before my iphone, haha (JOKE, THIS IS A JOKE). I've ordered two cases for it, one with a Tardis (!) printed on it and one in glittery gold. I should get the gold one any day, but the Tardis one is shipped from another country so it's gonna be a while.

Speaking of which. I'm waiting for lots of stuff to arrive in the mail. Two DVD-boxes (The Addams Family s.1 and Wire In The Blood s.4), One DVD-film (Addams Family Values), two books (Bossypants by Tina Fey and Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson), a pin that says "Trust me, I'm the Doctor" and MOST IMPORTANTLY a pair of wine red velvet Lita from Jeffrey Campbell! I ordered all of this last week and nothing has arrived yet. Though I know the shoes and the Lady Gaga book as been shipped (along with my iphone cases). The Addams Family stuff is being packed. The rest I don't know. It is bothering me a bit. But I guess it'll be here soon enough...

Now I need food and Sherlock (the BBC show, and nothing else). Cheerio!


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