Tenerife pt. III - New Year's

I was wearing a jeans jacket from New Look, white lace dress from some random shop at Tenerife, feather necklace from Stradivarius, black tights and black low converse. You can't tell from these pictures but I wore a orange lipstick as well. The bag I borrowed from my grandma, because all of mine was either to big or too small.

We were nine people in total. Me, my grandma, my aunt and uncle, three of my cousins (Tor, Arvid and Lina), and the girlfriends of my two oldest cousins (Ida and Emma). We went to an Italian restaurant, I had a pasta and shared a brownie with Lina and Emma. We deeply regretted only ordering one brownie afterwards, because it was DELICIOUS.

Then we went to my aunt, uncle and Lina's hotel room and had drinks and chips, then we went to the beach (with a slight detour to the town square for some salsa music) to watch the fireworks. Then me and my grandma walked along the beach walk all the way back to our hotel.


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