Jeffrey Campbell Lita Red Velvet

I got these yesterday, and it has to be said that everything they say about Jeffrey Campbell's Lita is true. They are super-comfortable to walk in. It's almost like you're wearing flats, it's that easy! They are stable so you don't sway at all. They're a bit redder than this is reality, but they're still more pink than orange, if you catch my drift. The shoelaces are pink. They're just so gorgeous I don't know what to do with myself. I never thought I'd ever own a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, now I own TWO! I was dead angsty when before my Tardys arrived, but once you get them, you really feel you got your money's worth.

I payed 1265,71 SEK for these when ordering them, shipping included ($162+$15) and 377 SEK ($55,5) in custom fee. The reason I ordered these from an US site and not a Swedish site, it's because Swedish sites doesn't keep this model.

I'm a european size 36-37 (UK 3-4 and USW 6-7). I always take a larger size in heels if I can't try them on first, or unless I know they're big in sizes. Both of my JC shoes are USW 7. They fit well, but I could use a pair of thicker socks in them if I wanted to. JC sizes är perfect for my feet. If you're ever ordering a pair shoes from Jeffrey Campbell,  make sure to pick a size that you are sure will fit, because it's not worth it having a pair of fabulous shoes like this that you can't use because they're too small.

I can't wait for this awful rainy/snowy weather to go away so I can use my shooeeees. Because I just can't go out in velvet shoes when it's like this...



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